Comparison Between Magento Gift Card Extension Providers

You and I have to admit one thing: Digital Gift Card (Gift Certificate / Gift Voucher / Gift Code) is one of the fundamental of a successful E-commerce Website.  Gift cards not only helps boost sales but also increases brand’s awareness and build up customer’s loyalty.With Magento Gift Card Extension, helping customers send and use gift cards/certificates either online or offline will be  as easy as taking candy from a baby.

We have 5 most popular Providers which offers Magento Gift Card extension. In this following context, we will give you a brief comparison for you to choose the best Gift Card Extension which meet all of your need.

  1. Who are they?

There are a huge numbers of Providers on Magento Connect who provides Magento Gift Card Extension. But Five Extensions which have the highest scores are:

  • Unirgy’s gift certificate: 27572 popularity scores, completely outnumbered other competitors. However, we consider that their score is fake number.
  • Magestore Gift Card Extension : Run second in our competition with 1528 popularity scores on Magento connect, not bad. The amazing thing from this Magento Gift Card Extension is that it only has popular scores of 329 last year. But after a huge update from Magestore, it has become much more convenient and received lots of good feedback from customers.
  • Webtex Gift Card: Used to be a superstar, but quite little update has brought Webtex to third place in our competition of Magento Gift Card Extension. However, their popularity scores are quite high: 1451
  • Gift card/Gift voucher – Hungnam: With a popularity scores of 937, Magento Gift Card Extension from Hungnam hold forth place.
  • Gift Card Suite: Our next candidate is Gift Card Suite with 345 popularity scores. No information about updates and  limited features make this Magento Gift Card Extension quite inconvenient for customers.
  1. Gift Card Features:

Which elements you first take into consideration when buy a Magento Gift Card Extension? With me, it always has been features of that Mangeto Gift Cards. Questions like: Do this Magento Gift Card Extension have all functions we want? Do this Gift Card Extension provides a customer-friendly interface? …. Always stuck in my head.

So if you are like me, let’s first take a look into all of these Magento Gift Card Extensions’ Features:

a) Customer Features

Two most important Features of Magento Gift Card Extension for Customers are:

  • Buying Gift Card
  • Using Gift Card
With Buying Gift Card Features, I have made a comprehensive comparison in the following table:
  Magestore Unirgy Webtex Hungnam Tiny Brick
Print-out gift card Y N Y N N
Email, Send by Post Offices gift card types available Y Y Y Don’t have “send by post office” option y
Specify Delivery date for Gift Cards Y Y Y N N
Custom gift messages Y Y Y Y N
Preview added message in Magento Gift cards’ image Y Y Y Y Y
Multi-shipping addresses are provided, allowing clients to send Magento Gift cards to many people at the same time. Y N N Y N

As you can see, our winner is Magento Gift Card from Magestore with all of the six important functions. We have two second dandidates, which are Unirgy’s gift certificate Extension and Webtex Gift Card Extension. No doubt why two last Magento Gift Card Extension received the worst popular score on Magento Connect with a very limited functions.

What about Using Gift Card? Here is the comparison:
  Magestore Unirgy Webtex Hungnam Tiny Brick
Ability to use gift cards as guest Y N Y Y Y
Split Gift Card’s value to use for many orders Y No information Y Y Y
Use gift card as a payment method in checkout page. Y Y Y N Y
Control purchased gift cards and gift codes in My Account Y Y Y Y N
Use multiple Gift Cards per order Y Y Y Y Y
Refund Gift card amount to Customer’s Credit balance or to Gift card code when Product order is cancelled Y Y N No information Y
Add money to an existing gift card N N N N Y

Once again, our winner is Magestore. Second position in our Magento Gift Card Extension Comparison Contest belongs to Webtex Gift Card Extension, and third position belongs to Unirgy’s gift certificates.

We have an absolutely winner for customer features, It is Gift Card Extension from Magestore. Run second are Webtex Gift Card Extension and Unirgy’s gift certificate with a very close distance. Sadly, our two last Magento Gift Card Extensions are quite inconvenient for customers, hope they will not be left behind too far in our competition.

b) Admin Features

It will be a very tense race here. First, let’s take a look at Creating Gift Certificate:

  Magestore Unirgy Webtex Hungnam Tiny Brick
Full backend control: ability to create/edit gift cards through backend, resend them immediately, change status, etc. Y Y Y Y No information
Set 3 types of prices: fixed price; price range; dropdown with predefined prices Y Y Y Y Only support dropdown with predefined prices
Set shipping fees for “Send by Post Offices gift card” N N Y N N
Add/edit gift card codes manually in the admin area Y Y Y Y Y
Generate gift card codes in bulk through admin panel and export them into csv file Y Y Y Y Y
Import gift cards from csv file Y Y Y Y N
Set Expiration Timespan (in days) Y Y N Y N
Set pre conditions which allow/deny certificate application Y N N N N
Ability to define which image to display on the Gift Card: default image or the image from the product “Gift Card”. Y No information Y No Information Y
Supports multi currencies Y Y Y N N
Ability to choose email templates for gift card emails Y Y Y N N
Customize your branded gift card template Y Y N N N
Unique GC sequence numbers and pins based on configurable patterns Y Y N N N

Surprisingly, the result of this Competition is still the same as the first competition when Magestore come up first and second is our Unirgy’s gift certificate. Following are still the same competitors: Webtex, Hungnam and Tiny Brick

And Manage Gift Card Function in Magento Gift Card Extension? Let’s take a look.
  Magestore Unirgy Webtex Hungnam Tiny Brick 
Gift Cards statistic in the admin panel Y Y Y N N
Apply gift cards in admin panel while creating orders for existing customers Y N Y Y No information
Preview/print all gift cards No information Y Y N N
Access gift card data with external API (operate with gift cards from remote systems) Y Y N N Y
Attach PDF version of certificate to emails or download printout from the admin interface Y Y Y N N
Configuration option to limit use of coupons with gift card Y Y N N N
Limit gift card usage to specific stores, categories, SKUs or customer groups N Y N N N
Admins can configure a new gift card page template, where customers buy and check gift card balances N N N N Y

We have a tide! They are Magestore Gift Card Extension and Unirgy’s gift certificate. And third place is Webtex.

  1. Policy

After all these comparison, you definitely have your own opinion which Magento Gift Cards is better for your business. But wait, I still have one thing to offer: Policy of Providers.

  Magestore Unirgy Webtex Hungnam Tiny Brick
Support and bug fixing Free Free Free No information Ticket system, no info about extra fee
Updates Free $ 40/ 1 year $70/ 2 years Free No information No information
Money back gurantee 30 days No 30 days No information 15 days
License Magento installation Domain and Server 1 license per Magento installation. More licenses, higher price No information Magento installation
  1. Price

We all know that price is only an small element contributing to our decision, because it also depends on their policy and the value estimation,… It’s not the price , but the product with that price worth our money or not.

But it will be very carless if we don’t take price into consideration. So let’s take a look.

  Magestore Unirgy Webtex Hungnam Tiny Brick
Standard $129 $125 $129.95 $100 -> $50 $300
Installation $50 $75 $49.95 No information Doesn’t install unless customers’ve contracted

So what is your favorite Magento Gift Card Extensions? What features you like most?

Tell us more and we will provide exactly what you need in our next update.


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